Saturday, March 3, 2007

Still here after all these {boxes/guests/colds/trips}

Sorry for the silence; it's been pretty crazy even in my narrow-end world. We had 11 welcome house guests two weekends ago, one unwelcome house guest (a rhinovirus with attitude!) last weekend, and two new house guests this weekend. In the meantime, Starman's boxes and furniture arrived from the UK, and I'm still bringing stuff up from Philadelphia. Several pieces are piled up -- literally! -- in the morning room because they are heading for the basement and can only get there by an outside door still blocked by the Valentine's Day snowstorm. The dining room table is covered with kitchen equipment I want (truly, I do) but haven't got a place for just yet. Yet another mystery of storage control to be solved!

So, all things considered, I long for several (four, to be precise) days where I can do things like unpack boxes but I don't have to. Next weekend, we get to be the guests of someone else, which will be nice. At the same time, there are so many things to be thankful for. I'll list a couple. First, of course: Starman -- he has been awesome (our personal favorite word to overuse) when I was sick, helping with the tasks at hand here and in Philadelphia, helping me with familial drama (virtually a redundancy in my family) while not losing his own identity. What can I say? A loving man, gorgeous and gentle and completely great. Next, the room I'm sitting in right at this minute. While other parts of the house are sadly cluttered and nearly unusable, my office is cozy and happy. Sure it has boxes piled up, but they're my boxes and they don't bother me. It's pretty and functional; an optimal combination! I can curl up on the daybed, watch TV, knit (I found a lace tablecloth I last worked on nearly 8 years ago and thought I'd finish it!), and know that I'm separate from the house while still in the house. I lurve this room! And, just to round out the list with more people, I'm thankful for Coffee J., who is a continual joy in my life. Like a kaleidoscope, she provides me a different viewpoint, a new image, another look at a problem or a solution. Do I even need to say out loud that I lurve kaleidoscopes? And Stobex, who's working extra hard this weekend to get the house we own ready for sale. He isn't quite a tireless worker, which is why his endless efforts are greatly appreciated. I honestly don't know how people manage a divorce when they aren't good friends -- it's tons of work, and that's so much easier when you like the person sharing the laboring oar!

In the face of such lasting pleasures and supports, the inconveniences and frustrations of the last three weeks slip away. The house party two weekends ago was, I think, a success and well worth repeating if the guests ever wish to. The cold, although vicious, is now gone and best forgotten. Our current guests have completely endeared themselves to me by being willing to play bridge. And, anyway, who am I to complain? I get it that I got it good.

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