Monday, August 13, 2007

Publish Status

"Publish status" was the ominous blogspot url that took so long to open I began to worry they'd cancelled my blog for lack of activity. That would be fair enough -- it's been 100 days (or something), and since the very most successful blogs have new material daily, this entry is long overdue. On the other hand, the most successful blogs allow their authors to pay the mortgage. Mine allows me to muse gently on the minutiae of my life. For free. And often all alone. {cue the crickets}

Okay, so it would be easy to claim nothing has happen in the past three months, but that's not quite true. And I even think -- oh, maybe once a month -- about something that I could write about. But the spirit has not moved me . . . until today. And today is special because I cleaned out under our bathroom sink!

No. That's it. I removed the virtually-empty cleaning supplies, made a little conversational grouping of unused or unopened shampoos, fit the cleaning caddy in, and closed the doors.

Why did this prompt me to write a blog entry? Well, I was going to write an informational e-mail to one of my (2?) faithful readers when it occurred to me that the text of my e-mail was virtually a blog entry...

When I saw the heading "publish status" I thought, "Oh, crap -- I really have been away too long!" But no, it means something different. In my case, it means I owe you all some updates. Starman and I are farther along in the effort to get his status regularized. He's had his fingerprints taken, and we have a date to chat with some federal official about why we're not the sort they should be worried about. It will be VERY nice to have all this immigration stuff taken care of. We've both been studying and practicing our bridge (as in cards). I've been quilting. Starman is working on a new release of his software. I've even been working a tiny bit on a legal matter, a lawsuit brought by our local B-lister celebrity against the local historical society in an effort to get the gazebo on the tiny triangle of land in town removed. Blister thinks he owns the town (well, he has purchased seven buildings and counting) so he imagines it's a slam-dunk. Thing is, he's hired a local lawyer, and the historical society hired a better local lawyer, and then I volunteered my time for free -- and you see where this is going. Motion for summary judgment!

So, with all that going on, why did the cleaning prompt a post? I think it's psychological: I finally buckled down to the tasks that have been sitting there, sneering at me. And this was one of them. Spring cleaning in August! (If that's not narrow-end, I don't know what is.)


  1. you've got me hooked on the minutiae of your life -- and it's been 27 days since your last blog! What's going on, girlfriend?

    And tell Starman that an old friend says hello...

    Sharyn, impatiently tapping foot ::grin::

  2. P.S. Anyway way I can get this via newsfeed? I use NewsGator. I read blogs more often if they end up in my Inbox rather than having to go look for them...