Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mimi and Linus in Harmony

We have two cats, Linus (pictured here with Mimi) and Polly (who you may never see pictured with Mimi). Linus is totally the alpha cat, and commands much greater respect from Mimi than we do. The rapprochement between Linus and Mimi has been a gradual process, and is hardly finished. Mimi's new freedom -- she can now be outside on leash unsupervised -- has given them new opportunities to occupy the same space. And here they are, doing just that. Isn't that a great photo? (Starman took it.)

Our routine in the evening is this: The cats get fed early on (around 5) with kibble in their dish. We then need to keep Mimi from eating it all, so she's not allow into the kitchen. Mimi gets her food at 7:00 p.m. Yesterday, for the first time ever, she was allowed outside prior to supper and after supper. Combined with all the time she spent outside anyway (which, incidentally, was mostly spent lying around waiting for us to do something, but she did actually play with her blue tire on her own), she was pretty pooped in the evening.

Starman's dream is to be able to watch TV with the cats on the furniture with us and the dog in her dog bed at our feet. So far this hasn't been possible -- Mimi is still so full of energy in the evening that we're monitoring her behavior and actions to the exclusion of all else, including what's on the TV. So she usually gets crated and I take her out at 11:00 for her last pee of the night.

Last night, though, I took her out, put the leash on her, and she immediately flopped down in her dog bed! Uh, okay. So we watched some more TV (and not coincidentally slept late this morning) just to enjoy the experience.

Here's another picture of our dog & cat in Harmony:

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