Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scenes From Another World

It's blowing snow here right now, which is very pretty, I guess, but also very wintry. Combine that with the fact that my side lost in the trial yesterday, and repeated news items about McCain tightening the race, and I need some cheer. So, if the nice folks at FiveThirtyEight don't cheer you up, here are some pretty pictures of flowers, all taken at Butchart Gardens.

I'm a sucker for tuberous begonias, so there are lots of pictures like these. Believe me, I didn't even load them all! It could be that wonderful Pacific Northwest climate, or Mrs. Butchart shared my passion, but I have to say, there were lots of begonias at the gardens. Enjoy!

Hmm... So they have elevation changes, too? Well, it's actually the site of a former quarry. Supposedly, Mrs. Butchart got into some sort of device and planted the nooks & crannies of the exposed rock walls herself.

I like Japanese maples, too.

I love the way light filters through and around those wonderful serrated leaves.

Okay, there's more here than a begonia, but -- yeah, it's another begonia.


We did have a wonderful time at Butchart Gardens. It's nice to revisit these photos on a very different sort of day.

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