Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Tricks and Treats

The really scary event this Halloween was this morning's "Budget Conference" for the wedding. Talk about your sticker shock! The crazy part is that we just bought a new car this week, and it cost way less than the wedding will do. And it's not like either of us is fanatical about this event -- I'm not being Bridezilla, and Starman's not the Groom from Hell -- we just want to have a nice, happy event for everyone to remember. I think our mistake is having it in an expensive place, and at an expensive exchange rate. But when we sat and thought about it, we decided it was okay. Scary, but okay.

So out went all the deposit checks, along with letters intended to keep the schedule the way we want it, not the way the last couple to get married there had it. (Really, I think "cut-and-paste" has a lot to answer for in these proposals!) Starman got his visa application done as well; yes, I need a special visa to enter the U.K. with the intent to marry my own husband. Anyway, that's something done for the time being. And I've created a lovely temporary file with all the bits and pieces sorted out. To my surprise, an impulse purchase of Martha Stewart's Wedding magazine paid off: we found a fun place to order the tiny number of wedding invitations we need, and the cut-out organizer (including budget page) has proven very useful.

On the treats side of the page, we have our first dinner invitation from the new group of people we've met because of the lawsuit I'm working on. Sue and Irv live around the corner from us (that's still three miles away -- they're big corners here) and stopped by recently to see the house, drink tea, and invite us to dinner. I've made a pumpkin cheesecake, which should be yummy; that remains to be eaten, for now it just looks good.

And now, here's the trick/treat conundrum for my readers: Someone has issued an INternet-wide challenge to blog every single day in November. I'm going to try to do it, although I'll warn you, some days you'll be lucky to get a sentence or two. (A noun and a verb I should be able to manage; asking for subordinate clauses and parenthetical phrases might be a bit much.) So, whaddya think -- is that a treat, or a trick?