Thursday, November 1, 2007

First day of the Blog-a-day month, and . . .

I'm sick.

Coincidence? Nah -- just some weird bug. It's actually a lesser version of one I had in the spring. Starman was so worried with that one (I spiked a 103-degree fever -- at least we think I did; Starman used his UK metric thermometer, and while I can calculate normal outdoor/indoor temps in my head, I wasn't up to working out triple digits Fahrenheit conversions while sick, and Starman was so freaked out by the whole thing, that he wasn't up to it either -- and I was doing a rather alarming Linda-Blair-making-the-bed-shake thing. so yeah, he was worried) that he called 911. I refused to let them take me to the hospital, cuz you know if they admit you, you're not getting out for a LONG time, regardless of when you feel better.

And, it turned out to be a 24-hour thing. A violent, nasty thing causing an unexpected amount of laundry, but just a thing. And last night was the baby version of the same thing (without the laundry, though -- I've learned that lesson, thank you very much!). A touch of acid reflux, a few hours of feeling way too cold, a little bit of the nasty, and it was done. Now I'm just tired. And bored.

Which is the really crappy part of being sick, isn't it? You get stressed with all the things you have to do, and how they're keeping you from doing the things you like to do, and then you get sick, so you imagine "Hey, neato-- I get to take time off and do the fun stuff," only you're too tired to do any of that. So I'm propping myself up in front of the TV and watching programs on my DVR, possibly with my eyes shut.

I'll save my observations on the current TV season for later. If I'm going to make it through 29 more blogs, I gotta pace myself. Or maybe it's just that I'm feeling tired again...


  1. You've sure got that hospital thing right! Two years ago I had a bug which made me very tired and I couldn't keep food or liquids in my system. After five days of this, my dh -- I'll have to think of a blognom for him -- packed me into the car and off to the ER for a saline drip.

    Six hours later -- after blood work, xrays, a CAT scan, and politely turning down a lumbar puncture ("Um...excuse me, but I watch 'House.' There's no way you're doing anything to me that has lumbar and puncture in the same sentence."), they FINALLY gave me my saline drip and I was CURED!

    Okay...there's your segue into the TV season. I only watch football, House, Bones and Survivor, though.

    Sharyn, still an Eagles fan (which says something about my ability to tolerate abuse)

  2. Oh, Sharyn -- I'm so sorry you had to go through that, but I love the line about "lumbar and puncture in the same sentence"! That's why my mother called it the "medical mafia." (She wasn't a fan.)

  3. Can you tell I'm not a fan either? In fact, I have my hospital bracelets (the ER one and the one that says I'm allergic to tylenol) hanging above my desk with a note that says, "Never Again!"

    They don't like it when you know more about your body than they do. How much clearer could I be? "I have mild dehydration and am here for a saline drip." And for that I need a lumbar puncture?!?!?

    I don't THINK SO!


    P.S. I'm really enjoying your blog! I've missed you!