Friday, January 4, 2008

January Thaw

I am feeling much perkier. It really was a December Doldrums problem, I guess. I recall being depressed pretty much every December for decades, but not so much recently. Of course, there are all sorts of factors at work here -- not the least of which is that, like pain, it's hard to recall the precise sensation of being depressed. For all I know, I won't recall this past December's doldrums once I'm well away from them.

Okay, so I've got my legal work underway, and I'm feeling confident about that. I also have some sewing to do on the current quilt to get it ready for basting. The weather mavens here are predicting a 50-degree temperature swing in the next couple of days -- it was literally 0.1 degree Fahrenheit the night before last, and it's supposed to be in the fifties next week. If I want to baste my queen-sized quilt, I need to get into the loft of the barn on a mild, sunny day and get that done. Don't want to be working in there (unheated/drafty space) unless it's reasonably warm!

Meanwhile, I have started a new blog to augment this one. It's called Unusual Two No Trump and it's about bridge. And life. And partnership, communication, card sense, and -- well, I just don't do anything in a straightforward, linear fashion, so expect this to be a similar sort of jumble. If you hate bridge, or cards, or games, or games-players, you may want to give it a miss. But if you think it's "all Jacoby Transfers and Roman Key Card conventions all the time," it's not.

I started it because of a book I received for Christmas. The book's okay (upgraded from lousy -- I was seriously unhappy with the author halfway through!) but it seemed unfortunate that a guy who doesn't like bridge was given the job of writing about it. I like bridge. Always have. So I figured I'd write about the struggle to learn the game properly; at least I'd write about it with some affection.

But I'm not abandoning you, dear reader(s) -- I have lots of non-bridge things to ramble on about!

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