Wednesday, January 9, 2008

So Much to Blog, So Little Time

What a busy day yesterday was: we (Starman and I) got the quilt basted -- lo-o-ong story there! -- and last night I finally (finally!) got to meet with the genius Stephen, who will make my wedding dress. That's also a long story.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to tell either of these long stories. I have to drive to Philadelphia to meet the surgeon and learn what my next assignment is in the scavenger hunt known as "Let's Figure Out What's Wrong With Magdalen's Gallbladder." So far we've had acute episodes of gastric pain, a non-conclusive ultrasound (it just didn't show my gallbladder at all...), and the next step is to hand me off from my internal medicine primary care physician (the guy I call "my doctor") to the surgeon, who I suspect I will end up calling "my surgeon," as though I'll only have one in my life.

After the visit with My Surgeon, I get there rest of the afternoon off -- calls to Starman and Coffee Jones are anticipated -- and then dinner with my favorite man in the whole world, J. As much as I love Hub 1.0 and Starman, I *ADORE* J. I only see him a couple of times a year, so this is a big treat.

And that means tomorrow I'll have two more long stories to tell. I promise --hold me to this, now! -- I'll tell all as soon as I can!

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