Thursday, July 24, 2008

State Maps Update

I promised you updated state maps. First, the Mimicles:

She's sticking pretty close to home, mostly because we've not been many places since we got her. She's not complaining, though. We're hoping we can get faithful reader Sharyn (Hi, Sharyn!) to renew that invitation to come visit -- maybe late October or early November?? That would score Mimi tons of new states.

And here's the revised state map for Starman. Hub 1.0 noticed that I hadn't credited Starman with Arizona, even though they had walked across the Hoover Dam from Nevada to Arizona. Hey, that counts! Hub 1.0 and I crossed many a bridge (well, okay, a few bridges) connecting two states. New Jersey & Pennsylvania, Vermont & New Hampshire, Indiana & Kentucky (Hub 1.0 did that one, not me), just to name all the ones I can think of. (Okay, three bridges, and that's my final offer!)

[Erratum: In my original post, I had written "New Jersey & Delaware" as two of the states joined by a bridge we had walked across. It's actually Pennsylvania & New Jersey, and my thanks to Hub 1.0 -- who's got a better memory for these treks than Ido -- for pointing out that not only did he and I walk across the Ben Franklin Bridge (a walk I remember all too painfully well, as I blew out my knee and he had to do the tourist thing on his own for the rest of the day) but all three of us walked across a smaller bridge at New Hope. Thanks, Hub!]

I will now leave as an exercise to the reader -- or, to be more precise, Hub 1.0, who's much more likely to find this an interesting research project -- the question of whether you can walk from New Jersey to Delaware. I know there's a bridge, but does it accommodate -- legally! -- foot traffic?


  1. of course I'll reiterate my invitation! The pool is done, the orchards/garden are planted, and the entire half-acre is now surrounded by a 4' high metal fence. Just right Gor visiting! Let's talk schedules.

    Right now Mom and I are st the Palm Beach airport awaiting a (late) flight to San Francisco for this year's RWA conference. But let's talk soon. I'll be back home 8/5.

    Re: your sibling blog, I'm not a sibling but I love you!


  2. Sorry about the typos. Posting from my iPhone.