Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday Travels

Introducing today's guest blogger:
Greetings, blogreaders. Mimi here. Today my pack went on a bike ride, all three of us. I got very excited to see Magdalen (don't ask how I know her name, I just do) on a bike because although Starman (I was told to use that name here; whatever) takes me on bike rides in front of the house, Magdalen never comes too. I like running with my pack.

Today we all got into the other car and drove someplace with a nice place to bike. I run alongside Starman, who holds my leash. This new place to run was very nice, and I could see cars and other people on bicycles. Very exciting, and a bit distracting, which seemed to upset Starman. I don't care. Cars are so wonderful, I just want to eat them up!

After our bike ride, M & S went into a library and came out with four books on CD for our trip on Friday. The first book they tried was "Marley and Me," and it made them laugh because that dog is so obviously unbalanced and out of control. Not like me. I'm very good, although I did have a bit of trouble last night at school. Magdalen takes me in the blue car and I get to be near -- but not near enough! -- other dogs. I get lots of hot dog bits, although honestly I'm getting tired of hot dog bits. Anyway, something was bothering me last night -- bugs kept biting me and there was poop on the asphalt and really no dog could concentrate with that smell right there. It's like sitting at a people school desk and discovering someone left something nasty under the writing surface. And you're supposed to sit still? I so don't think so!

Anyway, I'm a very balanced dog, not like that Marley dog, and I'm very happy. I wish I got to chase more rabbits, and there's that bear smell up on the airstrip that gets me all riled up, but mostly I'm very happy. Oh, right, I forgot. I am NOT happy when they insist on giving me a bath like they did this afternoon. Bleccchhhh. I don't cooperate, though, which is doggy language for "I strenuously protest this insane business of pouring water over my body, you cretins."

But I like running around naked afterwards. M & S blocked both set of steps leading to the deck and I got to run around with all kinds of play toys. Oh, but then there was this rawhide bone, and I really wanted to keep the bone safe. I didn't want to eat it right then, and if I left it, who knows what might have happened to it, so I had to get it off that deck right then and there! I managed to wriggle through the space between the railings and run off with my bone! As soon as I hid it in my den (it's under a pine tree, but it's well protected and no one comes in after me!), I came back and let M & S put my pretty collar back on, and (alas) the leash.

And that was the end of the fun and excitement for me. For today, at least!


  1. You're adorable, Mimi! So nice to meet you in "person."

    Sharyn & Miz Cedar the Golden nudge

  2. Hi Sharyn & Miz Cedar the Golden Beauty!

    Magdalen tells me that we might come visit you this autumn, quick before the gasoline hits $7/gallon or something awful like that. That would be SO wonderful, I'm shaking all over with excitement!

  3. Dear Mimi,

    Sharyn tells me that, too! You will find that I am the hostess with the mostest...and wait till you see all the yard and grass and pathways we have to play in -- and that's just *inside* the fence! Outside is acres and acres...but Sharyn won't let me out there all by myself. She thinks she has to "watch" me out there. Hmmph. But we'll have lots of room to run and play!

    Miz Cedar