Friday, September 19, 2008

Campbell River, B.C.

For some reason, our ship didn't dock at Ketchikan, but rather at Campbell River. Here is a lovely photo of Hub 1.0, and a rather unlovely one of me. (Everything about the pose I'm in is ill-advised, at least from the point of view of having my picture taken.) What's interesting is that both of us were still recovering from illness -- I had been up and about for a couple days at this point, but still felt blecch, and Hub 1.0 had been under the weather the day before, when it was a sea day and we took no photos.

Anyway, here we are at the waterfront park in Campbell River, a small town on the north point of Vancouver Island, which is not where Vancouver (the city) is located. Vancouver is across some water from Vancouver Island. And to make this even harder to understand, after these photos were taken, we hightailed it back to the ship, sailed into Vancouver, left there, rented a car and took a ferry back to . . . you guessed it . . . Vancouver Island. Silly duffers.

What can I say? We enjoyed our little slice of Campbell River, and we did a teensy bit of shopping (some smoked salmon and smoked tuna for our neighbors who had done such a wonderful job of looking after the cats for us). But if you're thinking, Hmmm, not a lot there, you'd be right.

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