Thursday, September 18, 2008


The ship (not that one, below, but the one our intrepid photographer is standing on) is in Skagway, the last port of call in Alaska. Skagway is an olde-tyme mining town now catering to the tourist trade. Or so I'm told. I was still stuck in our admittedly-lovely stateroom, and thus couldn't join my companions on the excursion from Skagway to Canada through the White Pass. There was a train trip, and a bus trip, with some shaggy dog stories from the bus driver, a lovely woman who explained the ratio of men to women in Alaska this way: "The odds are good, but the goods are odd."

Lots of twists and turns on this train trip.

Hub 1.0. We just love photographing him, don't we?

This is clearly a diesel train -- there was a steam train excursion, but I believe it went someplace silly, like a spot where you could try panning for gold.

So my two British-passport-carrying pals had to explain to the Canadians what they were doing and why. I was reassured that this was the most casual border crossing yet.

That's the suspension bridge. Did I understand correctly that the only real reason to cross was that the rest rooms were on the far side?

Hmmm -- to cross or not to cross?

The view halfway along.

No idea -- probably a rest stop on the way back.

The highway on the way back to Skagway. I believe the jokey driver said at this point, "Yeah, that's a scary bridge. If you're at all nervous, you may want to close your eyes as we go over this bridge. I do!"

Picturesque Skagway!

Although, honestly, this vista has a lot in common with small towns in the far west -- Arizona, Montana, Wyoming. Wide streets and low-slung shopping emporia.

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