Sunday, November 9, 2008

Autumn in Harmony

I'm back. I've commented on the election here. I've shown the quilt I finished in September here. My legal work has quieted down a bit. (We lost the trial against That Man. I'll let you know if there's to be an appeal. Everything else is continued, or pending, or resolved.) So now it's time to get this blog up to speed.

I'm down to the last day of our trip to British Columbia, although I still owe you photos of Hub 1.0's trek onto Mendenhall Glacier. I also have photos from our trip at the end of September to England. But for now, here are some pretty pictures of life in Harmony this autumn:

From September.

Early morning, to be exact.

And this was an early morning in mid-October.

I just love the colors in this photo. But you can tell we didn't do anything special for this shot. If we had, we'd have moved the recycling bin in the corner and tidied up the hose!

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