Thursday, November 13, 2008

Such a Nice Man

If you haven't been following along, the district attorney for my county commented on a blog post I did last year. (You can see the post, and comments, here.)

Well, as a result of my legal work, I've just had a chance to talk to him on an unrelated topic, and he's such a nice man. Which makes me feel good. Not about his Christmas columns (still gotta talk to him about those...) but about him, and the legal community here, and my small role therein.

So I retract my criticism of him personally, and I am genuinely sorry I judged him without talking to him first. I certainly shouldn't have written so harshly about him. But in a way, I'm glad I got to this place the hard way, because it humbles me (always a good thing) and because it reminds me that this is a good place.

I like Susquehanna County. I really do.

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