Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December Last

Yes, it's been an entire month. A month filled with the holidays, of course, and friends & family, gifts (the buying, wrapping, giving, receiving & enjoying thereof), and good food, particularly the 70+ dozen cookies Hub 1.0 and I made over two days. Not too much blogging, clearly, and not enough sewing. So here I am, trying to cram something into my last post of 2008.

First up, how did I do on my 2008 resolutions? Well, first I need to remember what they were, and here's where I looked. I made 6, and my results are mixed. I did lose a fair amount of weight, and then gained some of it back, and have that to lose again, plus a lot more where that came from. Consider that an ongoing resolution. I did get more exercise, but there's always room for improvement there too. And I'll carry forward the eating better item as well. So consider Resolutions #1-3 to be in force for 2009. Number 4, well I did join a quilt guild. It's a million miles away from me (no, really -- across state lines and everything!) so I don't make it to all the meetings, but I love the people and will work to be a better member. Thus, I can tick off #4 from last year as done, and write #4 for 2009 as "be a better guild member."

I did not get four quilts made in 2008, and I'm really disappointed that this didn't happen. I know why it didn't -- I started a quasi-legal career, plus had lots of travel in 2008 -- but I really wanted to accomplish that one. In fact, of all six resolutions, it was the one I felt most strongly about, and the only one I actually remembered a year later.

Finally, I think I accomplished #6, which was to figure out what was wrong with me medically. I am satisfied that I had gallstone pancreatitis, that it was psychosomatic in some respect, and that when I modified my behavior to reflect that reality, the symptoms cleared up. This wouldn't necessarily be the conclusion my doctors would have reached (the psychological component makes body plumbers slightly queasy) but I think it's been borne out. Certainly I am symptom free a year later.

So, here are my resolutions for 2009:

1. Eat better (e.g., less fat, less white flour, less sugar, more vegetables)
2. Lose weight
3. More exercise (thanks to Coffee Jones and Dino Burger for the Wii Fit we received last month -- it's really increased the exercise for these chilly days)
4. Make four quilts
5. Be a better quilt guild member
6. Get organized with my legal work: more filing, more scheduling and use of the calendar, and more preparation for specific issues.

It goes without saying that I should blog more!

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  1. #7 -- Visit Sharyn and Vince in Florida!

    Love you! Happy New Year!