Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve


Time to make resolutions.

I have a couple already. One is to research, and possibly join, a local quilt guild. There are pluses and minuses to joining. On the one hand, I don't like group dynamics. Reminds me too much of dysfunctional family relationships, I guess. I used to belong to a romance writers group (Sharyn knows of what I speak), and it got weird at one point. I bring a lot of the weirdness with me, I'll confess, and there's a negative synergy that can crop up, but every once in a while I wonder if it's not entirely just me...

On the other hand, quilt guilds are wonderful sources of fellowship and camaraderie. They encourage quilters to actually finish quilts and to contribute to the community. So I owe it to myself to find out, at the very least, about my options here. That's resolution number 4.

(Resolutions numbers 1 through 3 are the old standbys: Eat better, lose weight, get more exercise.)

Number 5: make four quilts this year. That's actually a bit ambitious, what with one thing and another, but it can be done. I have to make (well, I don't have to, but you know what I mean) two baby quilts soon, before the children in question grow up. (I'm still stitching away on two cross stitch projects for siblings who, while not yet enrolled at Harvard, are considerably bigger than they ought to be for birth announcement stitching!) Anyway, baby quilts are manageable, so that just leaves two quilts for here. I can do this, honest. I just need to apply myself.

The only other thing I've got for 2008 is to resolve my medical mystery. (Quick recap: symptoms consistent with gallstone pancreatitis; ultrasound shows a normal pancreas and no gallbladder, even though I'm pretty sure it's still in there; next step: meet with surgeon and get more tests.) It's been quiet recently, but I wonder if the stodgy limbo I've been in has something to do with the medical limbo I've been in. In other words, no diagnosis/treatment plan = no progress in other areas of my life. So all I have to do is meet with the surgeon, get more tests, and fix the problem.

Piece o' cake, right? No wait, cake's probably contra-indicated by Resolutions 1, 2 & 6.

Piece o' carrot, right? There. That's better. Now, where did I put that exercise DVD - ?

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