Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, I joined a "message group" on Yahoo. I've never done this before, and it's a very intense experience. It's like getting a 100 emails (or more!) a day from people who all know what they're talking about, and mostly all know each other. After three days of this, I should have learned some lessons.

1. I need to start slower. I'll say that again. I need to start slower. Nah, I'm still not getting it. I {pause for emphasis} NEED { . . . } TO { . . . } START { . . . } SLOWER. Okay.

2. Where do people get the time to post as much as they do? None of my business, of course, but I'm just wondering. Or, possibly I'm confused about this because with a couple dozen people posting a couple times a day apiece, and another couple dozen posting once a day, the impression for the new kid is that everyone's talking at once. Repeatedly.

3. Oh, right. I need to start slower. (This applies to a lot of stuff, not just this list. Slow & steady wins the race.)

4. The Internet sure is the place to go to procrastinate. :-)

Are you getting a sense of what I'm talking about? Everyone in this group is lovely, and I really want to make my involvement in the group work, but if that's my goal, I think I'm going about it all wrong. And really, that's a universal theme in my life right now. I need to start slowly, get to know people, assume nothing, NOT try to get everyone to like me right away, and keep it all in perspective. And get on with other things in REAL life while I'm pacing myself.

I think you all know me well enough to be chuckling right now, "Sure, Magdalen, and how's that working for you?!"

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