Friday, April 4, 2008

I know, I know . . . it's been a LONG time!

Did you ever get a postcard from someone who was midway through a long vacation? Like a month in on a 6-month sojourn? You get this card, and it's all chatty like "We're here now and then we're moving on, and next week we're someplace else," and meanwhile, you're right where you always are, standing in your own home, reading this breezy missive from people you won't see for months. You think, "Well, okay. That's nice for you, but what about us at home? Hmmm? A postcard simply isn't cutting it for us!" Like, either they should come back (if you miss them) or they should just stay quiet (if you were getting on quite nicely without them).

This blog post is like that postcard.

You haven't heard from me in ages, and all you get is a measly blog about two things, quilting & the wedding. What good is that? But it's all I got for you, honest.

Yes, I finished the Harmony Triangle quilt. Here are some pictures:

I even tidied the bedroom a little teeny bit for this photo op. Mind you, the quilt's a wee bit small for a queen-sized bed (which this is), so I suspect I'll move it over to the front guest bedroom. That will make the covers in that room really lovely and heavy -- a condition I personally like in a cold bedroom. However, my problem here is that when the down comforter is on top of this quilt, it's too warm and I end up kicking all the covers off me and onto Starman. Our bed looks a whole lot less tidy when that happens!

If you stare at this picture, you will eventually be able to see how the blocks got mixed up. Have fun, if you decide to figure that puzzle out. I can live with it; I've made my peace with this quilt.

Incidentally, the night (an embarrassing number of days ago, I have to admit) this photo was taken was the first ever night I slept under a quilt I'd made myself. It took some getting used to, if you want the honest truth.

I can't explain it -- I just felt odd. I'm glad that feeling wore off. I want to sew more quilts for us to use, not just own. It's a pretty bedroom in a pretty post-Colonial era house. Quilts are the perfect decorative touch.

A close up of the quilting. A couple quilters visit this blog, so this picture is actually for them. I got the quilting design from a magazine. I was looking for a different fill pattern entirely, but I couldn't find it. (Note to self -- read quilt magazines with a bunch of those plastic tabs close at hand!) I think this works well, though.

I did do (badly) feathers on the border, but you are not getting a close up of those! Trust me, when I do nice freehand feathers, you'll be the first to know.

I have picked out and washed the fabrics for the two baby quilts, and I have a block to do for the quilt guild I visited last month. But nothing's getting done until after . . . well, read on.

Other than quilting? Well, there's that other item going on now -- the wedding. Lists of Things to Do, Things in Process, and Things Done has been slowly evolving from three equal columns to two columns (in Process and Done) and now is looking more done than anything else. We leave in nine days; we get married in 17. But who's counting.

I could rattle off all the details, but it's just too too boring. I'm obsessed with it, and Starman is worried by the complexity of things that really ought not be complex (don't ask about the bags for the wedding favours or the sashes for the bridesmaids!) but really it's coming out pretty smoothly.

There is one detail about the wedding I want to share, though. I'm 52, and I'm old enough that there are no "but you have to invite so-and-so" situations. I'm so pleased that everyone who will be attending this event is someone I really like and enjoy. What a pleasure that is. There are tons more people who won't be there that I love, so it's not an exclusive set. Just a nice group of people.

The only other news is that I got sick :-( and lost weight :-) I lost enough weight that I needed new bras, and that means the Famous Stephen may need to adjust my wedding dress. I really didn't think that would happen, but I'm secretly pleased. At my size, these little bits don't make a huge difference, but I'm down more than 25 pounds from last spring, and most of that has been in the past two months. Way to go, me.

Well, that's pretty much it. Sorry for the postcard nature of this post -- too little, too late, and not much to offer for the next few weeks, either. But then there will be wedding pictures, and if you're at all like me, that will be a lot of fun.


  1. Just checking in...I know, it has been a LONG time for me, too. I'm loving the quilt, Magdalen, including the up close photos. Thanks! I agree - the fill pattern works quite well. I'm just putting the finishing touches on my first quilt - a tiny baby quilt - in what has to be about 14 years. I'm rusty, but building up those inevitable finger callouses from the hand quilting. Sending my best wishes to you and your beau!

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