Monday, April 28, 2008

The Wedding (part two)

Here's the arty shot of Fountains Abbey that Hub 1.0 took. That was the playground for the following pictures, with the exception of one of the Great Hall in Fountains Hall, the Elizabethan hall built around 1600 on the grounds of the abbey ruins. We got married in the Great Hall, then went downstairs for drinks while they reset the room for the wedding breakfast. It was during that interval that we all traipsed outside for photos at Fountains Abbey.

The children: Jack, Sam, L'il Bean Jones, Amelia, Beanette, and Lucy. Jack & Lucy are Michael & Bryony's two, Sam belongs to Starman's sister Camilla, Amelia is Nicky's, and the remaining two are Coffee Jones & Dino Burger's. We're told that it was a bit of a struggle getting L'il Bean into a jacket and tie (the tie supposedly has skull & crossbones on it, but it just looked like a nice tie from a distance!), possibly because he knew instinctively how good they would look on him, and thus Mum & Dad would expect such sartorial efforts more often. All I know is, they stayed with us at Choristers' House and I didn't hear any screams. (But, to be honest, that place was so quiet, who'd have known . . . ?) Jack had a very Miami Vice cream linen jacket for the event, but he looks pretty cool just in the shirtsleeves.

The Great Hall set up for lunch. Lovely -- it's a hard room to photograph, but this gives some sense of its charm.

Back to Fountains Abbey -- this is some sort of balcony, although I didn't make much effort to understand the architecture on this occasion. All I knew was that I could manage the stairs in my dress and stripey wellies!

Michael and his kids, us, and the Coffee Jones/Dino Burger crew. This was on the walk back to Choristers' House at the end of the afternoon; this is part of the Studley Royal estate, which features a lovely lake/water feature/lake combination. You will notice that L'il Bean has changed back into his more normal clothes, but Jack has his linen jacket. (I'll have to include a photo -- and there are many lovely ones -- of Bryony in Part Three!)

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