Monday, April 28, 2008

The Wedding (part one)

The happy couple. I'm the one in the gorgeous dress -- didn't The Famous Stephen live up to his name? Starman is the guy next to me. What a sweetie. These aren't the official wedding photos -- we haven't even begun to look at those! -- but digital pix taken by Starman's sister and sister-in-law. Thanks, Nicky & Bryony -- all your photos look lovely, these are just getting us started. (The harpist is Georgina Wells -- I'm afraid we didn't listen to much of her playing, but there's a digital recording, so we'll listen then.)

Not much doubt what we're doing here. That's my bouquet decorating the table with the cake.

The bridal party: Starman, me, Amelia (Nicky's daughter, aka "The Littlest Bridesmaid"), Beanette (Coffee Jones' daughter, aka "The American Bridesmaid"), Lucy (Michael & Bryony's daughter, aka "The Senior Bridesmaid"), Coffee Jones herself (aka "Crone of Honour"), and Michael (aka "Best Man"). (Sorry, Mike -- I'll post a better picture of you later on!)

My bridesmaids, Beanette, Amelia & Lucy. They all have beautiful blue eyes, which lead to the pretty embroidered fabric for their dresses, which in turn gave us the overall color scheme.

Not precisely the bridal party, but I thought my regular readers would like to see Hub 1.0 (on the left) with me & Starman. He was a vital part of this event, not least because if he hadn't introduced us, there'd have been no wedding. But also because, as I told him later, he's the family of my heart. He represents my history -- we've known each other for 37 years! -- and he's been a wonderful support during the past two years. I believe we've been good friends to him as well. (And sharp-eyed readers wondering who that is at the back of the photo will be gratified to learn he's Dino Burger, aka Mr. Coffee Jones.)

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  1. You look lovely, Magdalen! And your dress is gorgeous!

    The rest of your wedding party looks pretty good, too!::grin::

    Best wishes to you both!