Thursday, April 10, 2008

One more pre-wedding update

My crone of honour, Coffee Jones, has just come back from collecting the Beanette's bridesmaid's dress. Coffee has kindly provided us with pictures on her blog here. Thanks, CJ, for those pretty pictures.

Okay, so the littlest bridesmaid is pictured below (scroll down, or click here), and Beanette is pictured over on that blog over there. That leaves my Senior Bridesmaid, Lucy, to show. Here's a preliminary picture:

I think this is shaping up to be a very pretty bridal party. I don't have a picture of the Crone herself in her dress, mostly because her dress was made for her based on fitting a muslin toile and so she hasn't tried on the real dress yet. (That sounds scary, but The Famous Stephen is so gifted, there will be absolutely no risk. I worry about some things, but that is not one of them.)

I do, however, have one little news item. I had tried on my dress when Coffee Jones was in town for her toile fitting. It was a teensy bit loose then, but I didn't say anything. Then I got the dread Devil Cold and lost 5 pounds. Well, I went back this week, and the dress needed to come in 5 inches! Now I daren't eat for ten days lest I put that weight back on. But that's okay -- we've been exercising up a storm, so all will be well.

Thanks again to my bridesmaids' mothers for the pictures, and to their dressmakers, and of course to them. It's going to be lovely!

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