Monday, June 23, 2008

Flickr Meme

This is a game I found here, on a quilter's blog. I highly recommend that you click on the mosaic to get a better sense of what each picture looks like...

If you have a Flickr account, you can go ahead and make your own mosaic. My answers were these:

1. First Name: Magdalen (that dog looks a bit like Mimi)
2. Favorite food: Dessert
3. High school: Linton High School (I only wish my school looked as architecturally cool as this; mysteriously, no one has taken a photo of the Linton High School I went to!)
4. Favorite color: Pinkgreen (don't worry; Flickr totally gets color conjunctions!)
5. Celebrity crush: Bill Nighy ("Charles Kuralt" yielded his gravestone, which was NOT the effect I was looking for)
6. Favorite beverage: Hot chocolate
7. Dream vacation: Alaska (well, as we're going, why not be happy with that as the dream?)
8. Favorite dessert: Boston Creme Pie
9. What I want to be when I grow up: Completely Reconstructed
10. What I love most: Having someone who gets me
11. Word that describes me: Complicated
12. My Flickr name: MagdaleninHarmony

Here's the source for all the photos:

1. Happy Dog Races on Magdalen Green, 2. totoro cupcake 4, 3. linton high school, 4. Shocking pink, 5. Bill Nighy, 6. French Hot Chocolate, 7. Northern Lights with Moon Rising, 8. mini boston creme pie, 9. Instability, 10. Water Park 2, 11. Light can be so complicated., 12. Coffee Jones star quilt

I am grateful to all the photographers -- and can I say what a fun game this is? Wasted LOTS of time!

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