Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Introducing, the Ninnyheads

We need to train Mimi (pictures in a future post, I promise) so Starman took the lead and located a boarding & kennels facility that also does doggy obedience training. The first step was to leave Mimi there for 24 hours for evaluation. Our appointment was for 10:00 a.m., so we decided to make a day of it -- head south for the kennels, then continue on to pick up Starman's CT scan results (he sees the pulmonologist in July), have lunch, go to a movie, do a teeny bit of fabric shopping, get my hairs cut, and head home. An entire day of errands: that's the sort of thing you can only do when the dog's away.

We were nearly into Nicholson when I realized that I'd left the coupons for the fabric store at home. I'd told myself that I needed to put them in my handbag several times (always when I was out of the house, doing something else, in another room, etc. -- you know how that works!), and I'd even uncovered them at breakfast, by accident of course, and put them squarely into view so that I wouldn't forget. Do I even have to repeat that I forgot? No, I didn't think so.

The problem was that the coupons in question are worth about $8-10 apiece, enough so that it's worth using them when I need to buy a lot of one fabric. (I'll discuss the project in greater detail on my quilting blog.) Was it worth the $3.00 in gas to come home and start off again? I checked with the Starman, and he felt it was.

As the trip to the kennels was Starman's responsibility, I trusted him to figure out how to get there. He's very organized, not at all like me, so it was quite a shock when we got all the way to Squier Hill Road, drove its entire length, and no kennels. A quick phone call to the right place, and we found out that there's another bit of Squier Hill Road, and that's where the aptly named Hidden Valley Kennels is located. Twenty minutes later, we got there.

I had been very frustrated with myself for forgetting the coupons, and somewhat frustrated with the Starman, but when he voluntarily referred to himself as a ninnyhead, I had to laugh. Him and me both...

"Hi, we're Magdalen & Starman, the Ninnyheads!"

Postscript: At least we're in good company as eejits: See the news about Tiger Woods, who won the US Open (yay) but did it while he had (supposedly) a double stress fracture in his left tibia (boo). I also read here that it may in fact be something a lot more serious, requiring a knee replacement. That sounds like something that would require 6 months of rehabilitation... You just know some doctor (or, in his case, a phalanx of them) warned him what could happen if he played. So is he that arrogant, that committed, that hard-headed or some combination thereof. I will say this, though -- once he took that line, he didn't fuss about it in the press conferences. His website makes it clear that he wanted the focus to be on the tournament, not his injuries. I bet he didn't think he was going to win!

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