Saturday, December 8, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Every week I think, "Next week will be better," meaning that next week will have entire days with NOTHING scheduled and nothing special going on and nothing needing to be done, and I'll be able to relax, sew, read, etc.


This past week was taken up with being ill (I have something wrong with my upper GI, and when I know what it is, I'll share that information with you) and then recovering from being ill, and then doing laundry, legal work, and shopping. Next week may be better, but Starman and I are in Philly for two days, which cuts a bit into potential sewing/reading/relaxing time.

Today, though, is different. Hub 1.0 is here for the Annual Cookie Baking Weekend, where we flip through special cookie magazines, pick out the best ones to make, and then make them. I've picked 12 recipes, which seems like a lot, but with a little organization, it's not too bad. I have to get upstairs to get started, so this will naturally be brief.

This is the kind of busy I like. So much so that even with a day full of baking ahead of me, I made multi-grain pancakes for breakfast. I really do like to cook, and I like guests around the place, and while I know my days of plain white flour pancakes slathered with butter and syrup are over, at least I found a fun recipe to try. And I bet when I make it with fresh whole wheat flour, they'll be really yummy. (My compliments to my Brit Boys for eating them with every appearance of satisfaction -- mind you, the pancakes weren't bad, just not as good as they could be. Still, I'm lucky to have two happy eaters in the house.)

I hope everyone else is enjoying some aspect of the preparations for the holidays. It's a nice time, even if it is busy busy busy.

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