Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy December!

Here are this year's advent calendars. Carefully purchased in the UK last year (on sale, knowing me) and put aside until last week. I love advent calendars; Caspari used to do a wonderful line in charming, cartoony (but not too Disney) calendars. I loved them so much, I've saved them for reuse. I'm not sure either of these will be as wonderful as my decades-old Caspari calendars, but I'm willing to be lucky this year.

[Speaking of reusing calendars, in the course of unpacking stuff from Philadelphia I came across a quilty-style calendar that Hub 1.0 must have given me for Christmas 2000. Each month has a cut out design different from the other months. When stacked together, it makes a Lone Star block of some complexity. (For the non-quilter, just think of an eight-pointed star with lots of different colors.) And because you can stack them in all kinds of ways, each month is different. Well, 2001 started on a Monday just like 2007, and neither was a leap year, so . . . I reused it! This isn't so much frugal as appreciative.]

Last year, Starman and I had traditional (in the UK) chocolate advent calendars. Each window opened to reveal a teeny tiny wrapped chocolate. It was okay. I like the cute designs better.

I think you can click on either of these to see it larger and with more detail. Try it and see!

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