Friday, May 9, 2008

Bride's Side (Part 1)

Now it's time for the folks I know, are related to, or used to be married to!

In addition to Starman, and Fritz, we have my friend Jay, Hub 1.0, Bean Jones (Coffee's son), and Dino Burger, Coffee's husband:

Hub 1.0:

Hub 1.0's mother, Anne. Now, admit it -- having your ex-husband at your remarriage could be a good sign, or maybe not, but there's no way his mother shows up unless everyone really is okay!

Mary Rosalind, a family friend of Hub 1.0's going way back. She was particularly pleased when he and I married, and I really adore her, so it made sense to invite her. She got some time with Anne & Hub 1.0. As it turns out, she has a lot in common, geographically speaking, with Michael & Bryony. I love it when a plan comes together...

Mary Rosalind's son, Tom. He's -- I hope I get this right -- an art historian, currently teaching at Cambridge. He wanted to come because the wedding was set at Fountains Abbey, and I was so happy that he could join us. Hub 1.0 doesn't see enough of Mary Rosalind and her kids since he moved to the U.S. (although we did attend Rob's wedding a few years ago), so it was nice they had this opportunity to get caught up.


  1. Hi Magdalen,

    Coffee gave me the link for the wedding photos, they are GREAT. I am glad you had such a nice time. Congratulations! Ann (Coffee's cross stitch pal)

  2. Hey, Ann -- how are you (and Zoe! and your DH!!) doing? It's a shame (for us, at least) that the bricks-and-mortar XS store is gone -- I don't see enough of the ol' Arlington gang these days.

    Thanks for stopping by -- let me know the next time you're in NE Pennsylvania; we'd love to see you.