Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our Attendants (Part 3)

Ah, the ubiquitous "wellies shot." What, you mean every wedding album doesn't have this picture? These were purchased specially for this wedding, and were only slightly less expensive than Coffee's dress. But worth every penny, particularly as a) they can be worn again (unlike the dress, which is a tad situation-specific), and b) they helped to ensure a dry day for tromping around Fountains Abbey. My wellies were not such a perfect color match, but they were -- unlike my specially-dyed shoes -- very comfy.

Thank you both, Coffee J. & Michael, for being so happy and attentive to us on our wedding day!


  1. Hi Coffee! *waving frantically* Everyone looks great and looks like you had a lovely day. I wonder if the hubster and I could get remarried over there? Opinions?

  2. Thanks for posting, Magdalen. As I'm still wickedly "homesick" for the Abbey, I do recommend the The Dragon do it all over again, UK - style! :^)