Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Groom's Side (Part 2)


Nicky's husband, Fritz:

Fritz talking to Alison:

Camilla's family (Lily, Francis & Sam):

Bryony, Michael's wife, listening to his speech.

Can I tell you how wonderful Bryony was throughout this whole thing? In addition to the obvious over-and-above, such as hosting us multiple times, dealing with the wedding suits for Starman & Michael and Lucy's bridesmaid dress, and responding to countless emails from me, Bryony was a rock through the entire process. We picked Fountains Abbey because they took us there on an outing in 2006, and because of its proximity to Michael & Bryony's home. I could make a cynical comment wondering if they knew what they were getting themselves into with that excursion, but such doubts would be unfair. Bryony and Michael would do the entire thing over again if we asked them, even hosting seven people for the weekend and putting on a wonderful tea & supper party the day before the wedding. These people are complete stars in our book!

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