Wednesday, May 7, 2008

{ interlude }

Just a brief word about the photos. The brilliant Damian took 750 photographs, which he sent to us on a CD in low-resolution format. When I'm picking photos from these to upload, I'm working off a tiny thumbnail, and where there are several shots of, effectively, the same thing, I can't really distinguish the difference from the thumbnails. I may go back and swap out, say, # 403 for #402, but they all look so good, it's not a high priority at this time. It helps that the "models" are so photogenic!

What we'd really like to do is post, in effect, a video slide show with the soundtrack being Georgina's harp playing and the sounds of the wedding guests arriving. This is technically feasible (we don't have the audio yet, but it's coming) but it may take some time.

Next up: The groom's family...!

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