Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Groom's Side (Part 1)

Not that we did this, mind you -- we didn't have ushers leading people to one side of the aisle or another. In fact, our only concern with seating was that the bridesmaids have seats up front with their mums. (The "crone" had a seat up front, but we didn't make her mother, my aunt Thacher sit there with her.)

Still, Starman's family was well represented. In the front row, going from right to left, you've got Starman, his brother Michael, Michael's son Jack, Camilla's son Sam and her husband Francis. Behind Starman are his friends Alison & Derek, and behind Jack is Camilla & Francis's daughter, Lily.

Nicky, Amelia's mother:

Lily: My friend Jay, and Alison & Derek. Derek could almost qualify for both sides of the aisle; in addition to having been Starman's co-editor of "the hardest crossword in the English language," Derek was a classmate of my cousin Dusa. They are both well-respected mathematicians, and were co-heads of their class at University. (Co-wranglers?)

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