Friday, November 30, 2007

Ding, Dong . . .

. . . the Witch is dead!

Okay, so maybe that's not the most appropriate way to celebrate the end of NaPoBloMo. How about "School's Out for Summer?" No, that's not right. Send in the right song title, okay? -- my brain is just not cranking.

Mind you, I have stuff to write -- I've promised to do the multi-part, double-romance story of how Hub 1.0 and I met, which leads inexorably to how Starman and I met. I also want to explain about the Two House Problem, a problem I no longer have, but am still qualified to discuss. And it comes with pictures!

It just seems like so much work. And that's no way to feel about a blog, right? I should be all energized and excited. But after 33 entries this month, I'm dragging. I'm going to take some time to recover before I get back to the long chatty posts...

I did promise one thing, and that's how to get new blog posts automatically. I believe (remember, I'm old and not as tech savvy as I should be!) that you do it by joining a private group called "Narrow-enders," which results in your getting any new post as an e-mail. No navigating required. When you sign up, it will ask me if you're an okay person to join the group, so there might be a slight delay before the system starts. But that way, you don't have to worry that I'll write something new & exciting after, say, a week off and you'll miss it.

Here's where to sign up.

Let me know if that doesn't work for you. Mind you, you're not required to do this. You can just navigate over to the blog as normal and see if anyone's at home. Posting may be spotty over the holidays, but I'm not planning on abandoning it entirely.

Well, this is it. I should have some magic words to finish the last post for November, a cool, insightful comment that so perfectly sums up the past month, or this point in my life, or what it means to write 30+ entries. . .

{cue the crickets}

Wow, this feels a bit like that awkward moment at the end of an all-day party, when you're leaving and not quite sure what's the right thing to say. So I guess I'll fall back on that classic sentiment:

"The dip was amazing -- don't forget to send me the recipe...!"


  1. Totally off-topic from your blog, but just to give something back for all the time you've put into blogging this past month (I'm really going to miss your daily posts!), here are some of the pictures from our Key West Thanksgiving.


  2. The name of the song is "Song 2" by Blur. Or you could use that other song: Danenhhhhh, danenhhhhh, danenhhhhh, danenhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, dadunh-dadunh-daDENHHHHH-NENH (HEY!) Dadunh-dadunh dadunh-dadunh-daDENHHHHH-NENH (HEY!)
    (Boompah boompah boompah boompah)