Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Full Plate Special

Someone somewhere -- the Bridge Studio, maybe -- made the point about retirement resulting in boredom. You know -- the pleasingly active person retires and sinks without a trace into the Morass of Too Much Time On Their Hands, a sucky swamp already littered with the bodies of late middle aged folk and the "young elderly." All I can say is, I don't know anyone even remotely like that. My eightysomething aunt volunteers daily at the ACLU, and even applied for the paid position! Our seventysomething neighbors don't work outside the home, but they also volunteer, garden, entertain, and drive every year to Bozeman, Montana for three months of skiing.

Even this early in retirement, Starman and I have way too much to do, and we keep finding more. Here's this week, which was supposed to be the gateway to a less busy time:

Yesterday, we got up at 5 a.m. to drive from Lexington to Binghamton in time for an appointment at 11 a.m. Home for lunch, a brief rest, then we took the new car to the garage for its inspection. Some computer time, a simple supper, some TV, then to bed.

Today, Starman is off at the literacy center qualifying to volunteer, while I'm blogging, then lunch, then I see my literacy tutoree this afternoon. Starman has yoga this evening, and I will meet up with the designer to discuss my wedding dress. (Writing that reminded me to call him to confirm, which further reminded me to email the lawyer information she needs to do the wills and such documents. ) We may try to fit some tree cutting in this afternoon...

Tomorrow, I've been asked to attend the election board meeting in Montrose, which we can do provided we show up dressed for the opera and leave promptly; our tickets are for 7:30 in Philly.

Thursday, we have bridge, I have a telephone conference call in the afternoon, and we have concert tickets in Harrisburg for the evening.

Friday morning, we have bridge class in the morning and the weekly Listener Crossword to do in the evening.

Saturday, we have a charity dinner thing to go to.

Sunday, we have an all-day games event to attend. We're really excited about that!

Interspersed with all that I need to do some work on my lawsuit, Starman needs to continue work on a new release of one of his software products, I have a quilt to finish, we've got some stuff to do for the games day, and there's Thanksgiving to prepare for. And that's all on top of the usual things we do daily, like blogging and bridge practice. Plus I really must find time to exercise!

I've told people, and it's the truth: I go to bed every single day wishing there were three more hours to the day. When would I have time for a job??

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  1. I'm with you, Magdalen. I do work a bit, but there's no way I'd have time to work full time. I'm just way too busy having fun!

    When someone asks what I do (you know...the ritual question when you first meet someone), I say, "Whatever I want!"::grin::