Wednesday, November 21, 2007


One aspect of NaPoBloMo (I think that's what they're calling this thing of having everyone swear they'll blog every day in November) is that I don't get Turkey Day off. That's okay, though, because I'm going to practice my list of Things I'm Thankful For, so when it gets around to me at the dinner table, I won't forget anything.

  • Starman. Kinda obvious, but then thanks often are obvious. He's so wonderful, and I already knew from wonderful in the husband realm. But without taking anything away from Hub 1.0 (see below), Starman has challenged my fundamental thinking about what I deserve in a relationship. He thinks I'm awesome. You may know different, but you have to admit, it's really cool that he doesn't!

  • Hub 1.0. He's even better as an ex-husband because he's grown so much since when we were married. He sent me a picture of his new gas fireplace in the living room of a house I bought in 1998 for $92,000. It's so beautiful (the fireplace, and by extension, the house) that I actually started to cry. He did that! He's transforming that house. I'm so proud of him, I could burst. Divorce has truly agreed with him.

  • Coffee Jones. For being my Person, and my Crone of Honor, and for keeping me honest. We've come a long way, over a long time. No matter how rocky it's been, and no matter what challenges remain, I appreciate it when she calls to ask, "Is Chip there?"

  • All my blog readers! I love knowing that someone's reading these ramblings. Keep hanging in there!

  • All our friends here in the Endless Mountains, down in Philly, back in England, and various other spots.

  • Harmony. One of the reasons Hub 1.0 and I were able to accomplish a divorce with the minimum of bloodshed is that we had two houses, and he wanted one and Starman & I wanted the other. I'll write about the two-house problem another time, but here's one instance where it really worked well. It's meant that Starman and I had a place, a home ready made for us, here in the States. And it's such a lovely home, with traces of previous occupants and lots of my taste, but all against a backdrop that is pure 1800. It's a house of peace; even the angriest person I know was calmed when she entered it. Plus, you can't beat the wildlife. This morning, we looked out the window and saw 27 turkeys walking across our south meadow. That puts the "turkey" into Turkey Day, that's for sure!

  • The Bridge Studio. Starman and I love Mary and Harry at the Bridge Studio so much it's a little odd. They've made bridge fun for both of us, despite considerable odds. (Here's a quick example: Take the game you most love to play -- Monopoly, gin rummy, whatever -- and imagine playing it in a tournament setting against way better players, all the while following really really strict rules. Suddenly, not so fun, right? I understand why this is, but it's hard.) Mary, in particular, is absolutely lovely.

  • Starman's family. A nicer set of in-laws, I couldn't imagine.

  • Music, TV, opera, movies, books, magazines. And the time to enjoy them!

So there you have it. If you are reading this, I thank you.

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