Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It snowed at Harmony on Sunday night. We were prepared for this, meaning we put both cars into the barn to minimize car clean-up the next day. The snow has already melted, so we're back to looking grassy and between-seasons, but it is pretty with all the snow, right?

This is what you would see if you drove up to see us on a snowy day. The building on the right is the barn, located closer to our road than the house, but still a few hundred feet away. I know the house looks grey here, but it's actually a very pretty blue -- the color of the sheen on freshly picked blueberries!

These are the woods to the west. We have 24 acres: 12 is meadowlands, 12 is forested. Hence having trees to fell for firewood!

This is the view you get walking back from the barn.

Pretty hunh? Starman and I had a discussion recently about city living vs. suburban living vs. rural living. I grew up in old houses in small cities; Starman lived exclusively in British suburbs. We seem to like rural living, which is a nice compromise for both of us, but when we look ahead to our elder years (yeah, I know -- decades away, but we both have the planning gene, so the topic is as real to us as if we were in our 70s...), we don't agree. Starman just assumes that we'll move to a suburban community near Binghamton. I agree about Binghamton, but disagree about the suburbs. This isn't even a point of contention between us, because we are rational enough to see that this isn't a problem to solve for now. But I think it's good to explore embedded assumptions now rather than later.

Incidentally, check out the comments to my Games Day Roundup post. Someone has an automatic search engine checking blogs for mention of that specific game title. Which is fair, but it does make me itch to find a way to fit the specific name into random blog entries just so poor Dominic has to come check it out. I know, I know -- as Hub 1.0 would say, "Is that kind?" and of course it's not, but it is tempting....

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  1. It's called "keyword spamming", but I wouldn't recommend it!