Friday, November 23, 2007

Last Quilt Post (For a While, at Least)

Here are the little Jones, Beanette & Bean, holding the quilts I made them. These pictures were taken in natural light -- the Jones' house has lots of that! -- so you can see the colors better.

Remember, those were the first two quilts I made. And now for something completely different: Here's my most recent quilting effort:

The pattern comes from a wonderful book, One-Block Wonders, by Maxine Rosenthal. Others have used this technique of lining up six or eight repeats of fabric to make identical triangles that fit together into kaleidoscopic polygons, but Maxine had the wit to arrange the resulting blocks into swirling, impressionistic watercolors.

I saw one of the resulting quilts at a local quilt shop and fell in love. I now have enough yard goods to make several of this style of quilt, but of course I had to start with a cheap dog end of fabric from my local box store. It was a stylized hibiscus print; it wouldn't have looked odd as a Hawaiian shirt. And this is what you get after you've stirred it up!

Coffee Jones famously loves blue & white, so I figured she'd accept the result. In fact, she has a tie-dyed T-shirt that has precisely these colors on it, so I knew I was pretty safe. Providentially, she was wearing that shirt when I handed this over to her in August.

Here's the close-up of the quilt, showing several hexagons. You can't even tell, but I did a large, all-over meander for the quilting.

And until I finish the quilt currently in progress, that's all you'll see of my quilting...

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